Self-directed days review, week 3

The first of this week’s self-directed days started with finalising my decisions for the font shortlist of logos, and then I moved on to start thinking about colourways for the brand. Colour choice was particularly significant for a brand with this ethos because I knew that to use traditionally female colours would be an interesting take for a retailer which is focused on tearing down many traditional ideas. As I talked about in this daily review of initial branding research, I have been drawn towards imagery that uses the shade of ‘millenial pink’ which has found its way into fashion in recent months. To base a lot of the branding and development around a colour palette like this firstly creates an interesting contrast between traditional and modern ideas to do with feminism, but furthermore it keeps the branding up-to-date as the trend towards this kind of pink spreads through the fashion industry.


This research led me to put together a digital colour board incorporating many different variations of pale pinks, as well as the reds and white that I have also been seeing and which compliment the more delicate shades. The board makes use of photographs as well as blocks of colour to show how the colour choices are linked to real-life and what they might represent, e.g. the bold red lettering seen on a political slogan t-shirt, and the delicate pink used on some packaging from Acne Studios. I think the finished board is successful in pulling together my ideas about how to use colour correctly and with ‘meaning’ and purpose in the development and branding of Kvinde.

Another part of branding research which I carried out in the self-directed days was to look at real-life examples of packaging and include them in my branding sketchbook. I chose the outer boxes from three different cosmetic products, only selecting them based on their use of colours, typography, materials and textures which had multiple links to my ideas about what I wanted to do with packaging for Kvinde. This meant that I wasn’t just taking random pieces of packaging and was properly considering their relevance and how they could inspire me further. After this I looked at packaging which was more appropriate in a fashion context and included different styles of swing tags taken from a number of retailers. Again, only the tags which had aesthetic links to the design themes I had for Kvinde were included and I analysed things such as fonts and the use of texture and eye-catching metallic layers.


Daily review 9

Wednesday 5th April

Today was focused on building up further typography research and beginning to reduce down the list of potential fonts for the logo. Adding an A3 main sketchbook to my research and branding books, I built on the brief initial typography examples I looked at and put together three pages looking at different types of media from newspapers to magazines and websites. Here I was looking at how they utilised different styles and what works best vs what doesn’t work so well. Similarly to the initial examples and ideas seen in the branding book, brands like Glossier and Zara are featured multiple times through this research as I am drawn to the aesthetics of each and think that replicating some of the branding used by companies like these would be beneficial and blend in well for Kvinde.


Following on from these pages is a section looking at five ‘narrowed down’ font options for the logo. For most of the choices I stuck with the idea of using a bold, clear-cut font to represent strength, such as the Kyrilla font. However, I did choose to bring some more script-like writing into the final shortlist, but made sure it was written in thick, brushed lines and could almost have been taken from a placard used in a Women’s March-style protest. A similar idea can be seen in using pink washi tape as an experimental way of re-writing a font.

Across this section of the sketchbook hand-rendered techniques such as layering, cutwork and tracing were used in combination with the digitally generated fonts to produce rough ideas for logo development which would have been too clear-cut and not as experimental if carried out using CAD software. There are definitely areas for improvement here in terms of inconsistency in the amount of experimentation I did for each of the fonts. Making use of all of the techniques with all of the different font styles would have produced a stronger base for the next stage of logo development.


Daily review 8

Monday 3rd April

Continuing with the branding book work that I started last week, today I have moved on to looking at potential typography and fonts for Kvinde’s logo. After coming up with some quick hand-rendered versions that used different pen styles, coloured Promarkers, acetate and trace for layering I decided to look at a number of digital fronts from Whilst the hand-written experimentation with the logo showed some effective ideas I felt that a digital font would be able to give a lot more impact, especially when representing a brand that is all about empowerment.

I searched the website in detail and selected around 20 fonts which worked best with the brand name when typed out. The ones I chose were all quite varied but followed similar themes of trying to represent strength and creating impact. I tried to avoid delicate handwritten script-like versions of the logo; despite these being nice to look at they aren’t representative of what Kvinde is about and I think to use this style of typography wouldn’t be in-keeping with all the other choices I have made for the brand. The 20 potential logos were put into my A5 branding book and I placed yellow markers next to the ones I think work most effectively, creating a shortlist which I will take into experimentation and development work later on in the project.

logo fonts