Daily review 8

Monday 3rd April

Continuing with the branding book work that I started last week, today I have moved on to looking at potential typography and fonts for Kvinde’s logo. After coming up with some quick hand-rendered versions that used different pen styles, coloured Promarkers, acetate and trace for layering I decided to look at a number of digital fronts from dafont.com. Whilst the hand-written experimentation with the logo showed some effective ideas I felt that a digital font would be able to give a lot more impact, especially when representing a brand that is all about empowerment.

I searched the website in detail and selected around 20 fonts which worked best with the brand name when typed out. The ones I chose were all quite varied but followed similar themes of trying to represent strength and creating impact. I tried to avoid delicate handwritten script-like versions of the logo; despite these being nice to look at they aren’t representative of what Kvinde is about and I think to use this style of typography wouldn’t be in-keeping with all the other choices I have made for the brand. The 20 potential logos were put into my A5 branding book and I placed yellow markers next to the ones I think work most effectively, creating a shortlist which I will take into experimentation and development work later on in the project.

logo fonts


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