Daily review 7

Thursday 30th March

Today I have continued with the designer research I began yesterday, finalising the three collections I have looked into and printing images of each for sketchbook pages. When choosing which looks to include I firstly saved the ones that made best and most obvious use of the theme, such as the bold slogan t-shirts from Dior and Gurung, and from Hoffman I chose the looks which showed the ‘power dressing’ style best. I then looked at the close-up details of the garments, such as the intricate embroidery at Dior, choosing images that still somehow could be linked to the idea of empowerment. For example, the large emboidered sword motif at Dior and the Prabal Gurung’s use of exaggerated forms. After printing all the images I arranged them over one or two pages for each designer, giving Dior a double page as it had been the most inspiring to me out of the three.


Today I have also moved on to create a new sketchbook for different areas of research, with more specific ideas about branding. I have started the A5 book with the general ‘ethos’ that my brand holds. This would be written up in areas such as the brand’s website or even incorporated into pagacking and promotional material to make clear what the company has set out to achieve.  IMG_3214[1]

After this I started by including some initial packaging, colourway and typography inspiration that stand out to me and that I feel would work well with the ideas behind the brand.Three which stood out to me in particular are Glossier, Acne and & Other Stories. I think that each has a unique, bold aesthetic that is used effectively and as a result some of the colourways, fonts, etc are now synonymous with and can be linked straight back to the brand which shows that all the elements used in the marketing of products has been effective.

It is also interesting that, unintentionally, the imagery I included tends to follow a similar colour pattern of red, ‘millenial pink’ and white. I looked further into the current trend towards millenial pink and detailed this in my A4 research sketchbook in an article, as well as some screenshots from social media and a mood board of images. Because of this trend towards reds and pinks I think that these may be the colours I choose to incorporate at later stages of branding as I also think the idea of using pink, a traditionally feminine colour, in a brand aimed at promoting a move away from tradition is interesting. As well as ideas taken from these specific brands I have selected some examples from blogs and websites and also some specific advertising campaigns such as Saint Laurent whose artistic style would combine well with my theme in creating promotional material or advertising campaigns.


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