Daily review 6

Wednesday 29th March

Today I have looked into and collected imagery for the designer research element of the book. It was important to show the links between the chosen designers and my project theme of empowerment, so I researched in-depth, mainly using the internet, as well as looking at empowering collections that I was already aware of such as the Dior ss17 ready-to-wear show. This website  also made the basis of my designer research as it included a diverse range of designers which stuck closely to the theme but utilised it in different ways, such as Mara Hoffman’s bright take on power-dressing and the political slogan t-shirts incorporated by Prabal Gurung. The Dior collection took to the theme more subtly but Maria Grazia Chiuri’s involvement was a strong enough link for me to include the show in my research, as in relation to the ss17 designs she has talked about questioning femininity;

“The message, really, is that there is not one kind of woman,”

Each of these three collections have been chosen carefully to try to reflect my ideas behind this project in a high-end, designer context. The large choice of relevant collections that I was able to find and choose from indicates that the idea of feminism in fashion, “Femvertising”, is becoming more common and so there is now a large market for the politically-influenced but wearable pieces which my brand would be marketing.


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