Daily review 5

Monday 27th March

This week started with a long to-do list that I had written up over the weekend. Going into the second and final week of research I knew that this week I wanted to move into thinking more about branding, specifically coming up with a brand name that has been through enough development stages to make sure it has significance and isn’t just a randomly chosen word. This is something that I will be looking at from Wednesday but at the beginning of the week I plan to continue with background and contextual research into feminism and empowerment through fashion.

Today I started by re-reading in more detail the pages in Mairi Mackenzie’s book on the history of fashion movements which I marked out on Sunday. I then looked briefly at some Pinterest imagery for the two movements I picked out as being relevant to this project, Empire Revivalism and the British Boutique movement. These images will be printed and put into the A4 research sketchbook with some notes I will take from the book. Although these historical references are important, I didn’t want to get too sidetracked by researching them in a lot of depth and finding lots of imagery which is why I just stuck to some fairly quick Pinterest searches.

Today I have also read two relevant articles in an old issue of Frankie magazine which I found at home. The first, ‘Odd One Out’, talks to Shirley Manson about ageing, feminism, and why “being normal sucks”. A key quote from this interview describes Manson’s feelings about the world her nice will grow up in;img_2685

There’s a new urgency to her feminism. A new imperative to open that famous mouth of hers and fight the powers that be. “It’s suddenly ignited this real interest in women’s rights and a determination inside myself to really speak up and push for equality across the board, across the world, for women… I think each generation has a duty to really push to ensure that their kinfolk have an easier time of it than they did.”

The second article I chose because it is reflective of the idea of diversity within feminism that I want to make sure I include in FMP. ‘Butch is Not A Dirty Word’ is a short text where Esther Godoy celebrates female masculinity and talks about her new zine project.

I might present masculine, but internally I feel very feminine. And I feel very female-identified in my emotions and my mentality. I often joke that the only butch thing about me is my haircut and the way I dress. People think masculinity belongs to men and femininity belongs to women. But they don’t. Those two things are anyone’s. They’re anyone’s to use and play with and adapt to and take and leave at any point in their lives.”

In the afternoon I went back to online research and used WGSN to search for themes of feminism in their trend reports. The search produced many useful posts, both recent and from the archive. The reports are mostly text rather than the image-based trend boards that I have looked at on WGSN for previous specialism projects, but they have still been very useful. ‘Feminism in Marketing: Can it Work for Brands?’ is a report that is ideal for my final major project as the aim is to create a brand that shows empowerment through fashion. In total I found six different reports that had one or more pages linked to my theme. I took screenshots from these relevant pages, printed and highlighted key points and added them to the research sketchbook.



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