Daily review 4


Yesterday I carried out some market research at the end of the day. I went out to stores including H&M, Miss Selfridge, Oasis and Topshop and looked at them in relation to the criteria we were given for our market research at SP3, such as price range, market level, age range, garment quality, etc. This was to make sure my marketing-based project includes marketing influences throughout the research so it doesn’t become too design-focused. Most notably, Topshop had some garments that were directly linked to my project theme, pictured below is an example. After seeing these I went online and found and even larger range of products that have been designed to the feminist theme, which is a change of tone that isn’t usually seen in garments from high-street retailers. I think this is likely linked to the political changes taking place over the last year, with comments made by high-profile figures putting women’s issues at the front of the public’s mind. And so retailers are trying to capitalise on this public mood.

Today was focused on a group critique of our research work so far. Looking at the grading criteria for the research part of the project, we talked through our work so far and then analysed someone else’s in detail, using the criteria as a guide. My work was given a grade between a pass/merit, with positive points being lots of historical context, global issues recognised and market research carried out. 4 suggestions were made which I need to work on over the next week including gathering more primary sources, start creating some packaging/branding sampes, adding drawing responses and and putting the images i’ve printed into my A4 research sketchbook. The most successful part of the research was said to be how i’ve looked into the history and global context of feminism rather than having a closed view of it. From this crit I have one main task to complete before the end of next week which is to visit the exhibitions and galleries that I have looked into and collect primary sources from them, as well as make sketches and notes on the relevance of the pieces. I also need to write up or make some notes on what I found from my market research and relate it to the end goal/product of this project, thinking about why I either may or may not want the brand to be at a high-street/mid-range market level, or something more high-end. 


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