FMP initial review

Up to this point of the foundation course I feel that there has been a large improvement in my knowledge and skills in creating, designing and ability to develop ideas. During Fashion specialism I have been able to experiment with many different new ways of working to produce projects that show a wide range and style of responses and design proposals.  However, I feel that there are a number of areas that I need to improve/build on in order to successfuly complete FMP to the best that I can, primarily my time managament and increasing the overall volume of work.

Looking back over the three specialist projects, I have identified some more specific strengths to take forward into FMP and weaknesses that I need to improve on:

  • Strengths
    • Research – sourcing secondary imagery and a limited amount of primary, as well as making use of a lot of various online resources such as WGSN, Pinterest, fashion publications and blogs. However I could begin to make more use of physical research resources during FMP which might give inspiration that I could have missed in only researching online.
    • Practical making skills – knowledge gained at A Level textiles was useful in creating fabric samples and also in putting together my final garment for SP2.
    • Sticking to the given concept/trend – the specialist projects all maintain the ‘feel’ of the theme throughout, never veering off topic or into a theme that doesn’t communicate the original brief/aim so that the mood of the project is not lost.
    • Fabric samples/experimentation – adding knit/embroidery/quilting samples to sketchbook pages can give flat images a stronger link to a potential fashion product, also giving sketchbook pages more texture and interest.
  • Areas for development
    • Digital skills – overall digital skills are good, but I made limited use of applications like Illustrator and Photoshop during specialism which I definitley think I need to increase my use of to give my work a higher ‘finish’ in FMP.
    • Time management – events occured during specialism which I had no control over and decreased my focus on projects, but I also am aware that I didn’t always make best use of available time and it’s very important that I don’t follow the same pattern during final major project.
    • Drawing responses – in going over the three projects I have noticed a lack of stylised fashion drawings in response to initial concept images but also on design development pages.
    • Primary research – whilst I have included some primary photographs in SP1, it would definietly add more context and give me a better understanding of the theme(s) I decide for the FMP if I can go out and source a bigger quantity of primary research in the form of photographs, sketches, notes and visits to specific exhibitions and galleries.

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